Those Who Can’t

This single camera comedy follows three Denver teachers whose lives are as screwed up as the kids they teach. Its creators are the Denver-based comedy troupe, The Grawlix, starring Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Ovredahl, Ben Roy and Maria Thayer. Special appearances by Rory Scovell and Kyle Kinane. Guest starring: Susie Essman, Rich Fulcher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Madsen, T.J. Miller, MaryLynn Rajskub, Jason & Randy Sklar, Peter Stormare, Brody Stevens



Tina & Amy’s Genius Gifts

‘Tis the season to pretend you know what gifts to buy. Luckily two of the world’s biggest comedians, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, have the answer to your gifting quandaries! Kind of. Well, they’re honest at least. With their “practical” advice for finding the perfect present for everyone in your life, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or look too far. Things right in your home can be made into gifts. Like the stuff that came out of your vacuum bag that you thought was garbage. Wrong! Find an old shoelace, glue that “garbage” right on it and voila! You have a necklace “made by an artisan in North Carolina”! See? Gifting can be fun!




It ain’t easy running D-Sides, a failing record store which boasts one of the rarest collections of long-lost, and never-before-heard records from the world’s most famous artists. Especially when that stupid hipster store God Save the Vinyl, moves in right next door! Yet best friends and music aficionados, Neil Hopkins and John Forest, are committed to to the cause, and each week they unveil a rare gem (D-side) in the form of a music video that will blow any music lover away –trust us, you’ll never look at Hall & Oates, Lady Gaga or Bob Dylan in quite the same way. Guest starring: Rich Fulcher, Brandon Johnson, John Ennis



Shady Neighbors

Shady Neighbors follows Tom and Wendy, a seemingly happy suburban couple who have let financial pressures drive them to the brink of divorce. But when they discover they’re too broke to split into two families, they turn to crime to finance their breakup.


Bette Midler 2015 Divine Intervention Tour Open

Bette Midler carries the full weight of a meticulously assembled, multi-platform presentation, showcasing her formidable, broad-spectrum talents with her usual medley of class and sass. We were honored to produce the movie open which kicked off each show in a whirlwind. Literally. She starts off as God herself and then whips up the entire continent in one explosive entrance.



Steve Rannazzisi: Breaking Dad

“The League’s” Steve Rannazzisi hits Boston’s Wilbur stage with his tales of life, marriage and yes, being a dad. A really funny dad.



Kyle Kinane “I Liked His Old Stuff Better”

In Kyle Kinane’s hour special, he discusses the virtues of fighting with pistachios, drinking in the shower, and saying “God Bless, You” to cats when they sneeze.

Taped in Athens, GA.



Worst Ever

Believe it or not, even celebrities have bad days. Apparently, REALLY bad days. In this half hour storytelling recreation show, celebrities open their hearts, let down their guard and regale us with the best of their “Worst Ever” experiences (sex, job, holiday, honeymoon…the list goes on). Equal parts schadenfreude (for us!), and catharsis (for them!) and entirely hilarious (all around!).



Mac Lethal

Kansas City rapper, Mac Lethal is an artist, viral video star, author, social commentator, martial artist, husband and new father. This genre-busting comedic reality series taps into every facet of “Mac’s World”, including his trouble making friends: Money Maker Mitch and Patric.  Together, they  “turn up”  and party down as the kings of cool.



The film centers on Gus, who is suffocating in life both figuratively and literally because of his asthma attacks. Gus only sees hope in Ruby, a confident tattoo artist. The two take an impromptu trip out of the city in a stolen classic convertible, and Ruby warns him not to fall in love with her, but it’s easier said than done. “Asthma” stars Benedict Samuel and Krysten Ritter alongside Nick Nolte, Rosanna Arquette, Goran Visnjic, Dov Tiefenbach, Rene Ricard and Iggy Pop.



The Gute

80’s megastar turned has-been, Steve Guttenberg, is preparing for a comeback with the help of his fresh-faced manager and lightning-tongued assistant. In his first foray back in Hollywood, “The Gute” goes to the 25th anniversary party of “Three Men and a Baby” and accidentally hits on the “baby” from the movie, who is now a 26-year-old hottie. They end up sleeping together and the condom breaks. That wasn’t exactly the “break” he was looking for…



Peoples Choice Awards

With a little help from LL Cool J, People’s Choice Award winner Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) kicks off the ceremony with this open, kicking some major kung-fu ass with this year’s nominees.



Sperm Boat

This scripted show explores the dark yet comedic side of a trashy cruise ship staffed by criminals and piloted by an insane Scandinavian captain (Peter Stormare) who sets a course for the most ridiculous sci-fi adventures imaginable, that also involve midnight bacon buffets. It’s Love Boat meets Star Trek meets Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.


The Craigs

“The Craigs” is an animated half-hour workplace and “on location” comedy about the misadventures of two bumbling yet lovable guys, who in their mid-thirties, should know better in life, but just don’t.  Think of them as Beavis and Butthead all grown up and with the singular goal of picking up women, at which they generally are unsuccessful.  Despite their terrible track record, their spirits cannot be dampened because “there is always that party next week, duuuuuude.”




A combination of stage and scripted, this comedy is based on the NWC stage show of three best friends who happen to be Black, Asian, and Hispanic. The stage show (which tours across America in real life) deals with racial issues through comedy, and is intercut with real stories of incidents that happened while on tour. Each week they roll up to a new Small Town, USA, that isn’t exactly ready for the arrival of the three biggest minorities.

With over 30 years combined experience

Tracey and Krysia have had the opportunity to produce and work on these popular shows before joining forces.

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