Comedy, Reimagined



Thank You, Brain! Productions
is a finely tuned operation pumping
life into the heart and soul of comedy
from the development phase through post,
and offering soup to nut production services
for both East and West Coast.

Thank You, Brain! has produced and developed programming for CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, IFC Films, Participant, YouTube Premium, CW, POP, truTV, Glamour, and Amazon. The partners of TYB have a combined total of 30 years of sweat equity across all genres of comedy. That makes us experts in making people chuckle, chortle, and guffaw. We are laughing at the very thought that someone might still be reading this far. Who has the attention span these days? We’re willing to bet you are thinking about tonight’s dinner. How about steak, medium rare, or a nice piece of fish? Perhaps a noodle…

Recent Projects


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